Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Flower Beds Jigsaw Puzzle
Flower Beds Jigsaw Puzzle

I have always loved jigsaws, and I always will.When we discovered jigsaws on the net, Seren was still in college .We used to compete with each other in doing it faster, and you should have seen her face when she came back from college and found that I had beaten her time record!

Seren always had a knack of doing jigsaws. She could assemble the pieces by their shape and colour, a skill I don't possess.The ones we love are Kincaid's. Altoid regularly supplies us with jigsaws.
So what is it with jigsaws? May be it is an innate longing for some order in this chaotic world.When pieces fit together, it really gives you a thrill,a 'God is in His heaven all is right with the world' feeling.

Orange Poppy Jigsaw Puzzle
Poppy Jigsaw Puzzle

I do atleast one jigsaw a day (while in the good old USA ofcourse, in India I would get a whopping telephone bill) In case you love jigsaws here are a few! I suggested to my children that this craze for jigsaws and crosswords were the result of the trauma of my being the neglected middle child, but they do not agree.They feel it is too farfetched.

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Gauri said...

:))) It is so nice to see updates on your blog :))

About the theory - ahem ... this time around I'd go with Alto (though I too don't normally agree with her theories :D). But I've heard that one thing "neglected middle children" do is write and write more - cos it is said to be very cathartic ;):D

Hip Grandma said...

I love crosswords.May be it is also due to some childhood trauma!being a darkling in a family of fair people perhaps??

Good to see you blogging.