Thursday, June 28, 2007

the garden or rather weeden

I am missing my garden rather my weeden back home. No, it is not one of those landscaped neat gardens that are shown on Inside Outside . A higgledy piggledy garden where hedges grow any which way, flowering plants forget to overgrown mango tree whose fruits are sour, whose branches block the sunlight and dont allow other plants to grow;I hear you ask "why then a garden?"
Think of the plus points.I can go and lecture them sternly on their performance or rather the lack thereof.No backanswering or arguments.I can sing to them.. they do not say that I am singing offkey.I feed them with muck(literally) and they give me beautiful flowers. I trim them ... they do not say "I would rather go to the beauty parlour"
The whole of the shimmering summer the stones thrown at the mango tree have contribued to my rockery. And think of the pleasure of sneaking behind an unsuspecting little brat who is throwing stones and threatening him with incarceration..
Can my offspring give me any of these plasures? Noway. Give me my Weeden anyday.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My children believe in hyperboles. Every little idiosyncracy or fault of mine is magnified a multifold, decorated with a lot of exaggeration, to make it delectable for their friends. take these for example.
Hyperbole 1: I am a pillpopper. so ... there is a saying "For every malady under the sun there is a remedy or there is none" Only I believe "for every malady under the sun there is a remedy, homeopathy. I came equipped with a veritable medical cabinet.pills for jetlag,airsickness,seasickness(that was clubbed as one..... I took the seasickness pills when we were flying over the Atlantic) pills for cold , cough.. you name it I had it. What is wrong ? they said all of them were alike and most probably placebos made for hypochondriacs..I pop the pills I am happy,, viva la placebos!
Hyperbole2: I am directionally challenged.kay I do get lost in Basavanagudi after living there does it justify the story that is going around that if they made me stand in front of our house blindfolded me and turned me around a few times I wouldnt know where I was, does it? Ok I do go for walks with a compass so what ? It is a free country isnt it?
Hyperbole3:I have no memory for faces though I can remember old grudges that go back 30 odd years with perfect detail.Okay I did not recognize my brotherinlaw when I came face to face with him in the market..they refuse to believe that it was because I was solving a problem in geometry in my head..but I really think I associate people with their places... or may be I lack cognitive skills or whatever they call it in IQ tests.I only hope I have passed on these genes to my children...i cant wait to see them surface... bye.. time for a pill ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello world

Pills are being popped...please stand by for regular programming.