Friday, July 17, 2009

Glueless bonding

I need very little to thrill me.I get an immense thrill when two jigsaw pieces fit together . There used to be a lovely 'ping' when they bonded ,but Seren hated the sound and silenced it.Being technically challenged, I couldn't put it back again.I didn't raise my voice because all this saatwik eating has made me docile.I can hear my pragmatic older offspring harumphing, but I do have these 'Thoda pyaar, thoda magic moments, when....

In the U.S. ,I see a lady with a nosering in the right side, the Tambram in me does a jig. I want to run forward and do a 'gale milana', only I know Altoid would disapprove.Once I did beam at a right nosering only to discover it was a hippie guy!

I sit in Sai Mandir and sing Sai Bhajans, and bond with all of them there.A wonderful 'yaadum oore, yavarum kelir' moment.(translates to' all places are mine , all men are my kinsmen')
I am in a souvenir shop, 'saat samundar paar, I am grinning at a magnet which
says 'You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince' I ,raise my eyes to find an American smiling at it too and feel an instant bonding across all barriers.
I see a young American at the airport, reading Khaled Husseini.I want to hug her and say ' me too loves his books!'

When I hear the chant 'Sarve Jana sukino bhavanthu' and feel one with all the universe!!


Serendipity said...

Too much Saatwick eating ! :O U sound too good mommy , time to munch on some chicken!

Pillpopper said...

Iam saatwik not by choice dearie,Iam forced to be, but remember it is only a veneer, the tamasik is still smouldering under.