Thursday, August 30, 2007


Everywhere I go now I see huge billboards saying "Subhadra footpath" exhorting the pedestrians not to jaywalk, but to use the new improved footpaths. "Subhadra" !They must be joking. I have a torn ligament to prove that they aren't. Everytime I walk on these footpaths, I walk like a bashful bride, head bent down, searching for pitfalls. We live on a main road, on which a flyover was constructed recently.The flyover is like they remarked about the laser when it was discovered(quite wrongly as it turned out) the solution in search of a problem. A narrow service road runs alongside the flyover,( with a narrower footpath, which is not even a foot wide) on which all the buses ply at breakneck speeds

The educational institution on this road contributes to the hazards the pedestrians face. It has built an ugly portico which has further reduced the size of the footpath. It has leaky drainpipes which leak out effluents of unknown origin on to the footpath, which collect in puddles on the footpath. In addition they have two large spouts on the terrace which suddenly come to life and drench unsuspecting pedestrians. Get on the road and you hear a sudden blare and see a huge bus bearing down on you..and you either have a heart attack or get run over by the bus.
, What are the other options .... walk through the ground and get hit by a cricket ball or shouted at by an irate coach..No , I prefer the Subhadra footpath, thank you.


Pillpopper said...
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serendipity said...

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine .."Mr.Punctuation"

Maybe I could gift you with hockey pads and a helmet when you go jay-walking like a bashful bride(???)
Ma!! What on earth are you walking around like that for!

Altoid said...


On a related note- for your reading pleasure :)

serendipity said...

Hello PPP!

You have been tagged!!

Hip Grandma said...

Are you talking of Bangalore?I can relate to the misery one is subjected to.What happened to the B'lore of of my youth?