Sunday, August 5, 2007

of pills and placebos

Ha! what did my offspring say about pills and placebos? Just check out this article in the TOI
dated August 3,2007. the article says" People who expected to get pain relief from a treatment showed a greater release of dopamine in the part of the brain called the nucleus accumbeus.... In turn they were more likely ... to report pain relief even though they all received only a placebo"
Ha ha, all ye unbelievers,what do you have to say? ..I clearly remember all your snide remarks about pillpopping and placebos.
On a more serious note, so many times, I wonder if there is a God above, or is it all just fiction?
Despite all the karma theory, of which my father was a strong proponent, why do the good suffer, sometimes throughout life, while the wicked flourish like the green bay tree?
But I am still a strong believer.I need Him with an unimaginable thirst and hunger.
I can rant at Him and He will forgive me.
I can weep unashamedly in front of Him , He will wipe away my tears with a calm smile
I can do a hundred wrong things ,He will forgive me.
Only He can give me unconditional love.
He is the true mother. I need someone who is nonjudgmental-above all the pettinesses of life.
I need Him ,hence I am a believer.

I just need Him...
He is the ultimate Placebo. .....


Hip Grandma said...

You do need your divine placebo when you deal with children.I am referring to the previous post.Yes life was simplest when we'd get 3 sets of clothes per year.It became a littile complicated when my daughters were growing up and more complicated when they could afford their clothes by virtue of a job.It is now even worse when their daughters aged 1 and 3 have clothes for all seasons falling at your face the minute you open 'their' wardrobes.When these children grow up the reverse trend may actually happen.

Altoid said...

Yo PPP(praying pill popper)

Better believe it....whoever said life is fair ? :)

So DWBH(and that means don't worry, be happy) and you surely dont need your offspring to tell you that!

Pillpopper said...

alto dear, my children are my biggest worry!

Usha said...

Me too. God may be just a placebo but belief in god helps me get through the unfairness of life and gives me the solace that someone cares for me.

Just Like That said...

Quite the ultimate :-)