Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tag Tag!

Hello folks! I am back!

My oldest memory:

is of 'anju ruba rendana " My fees at school was five rupees and two annas and i used to weep and wail unless it was given as five one rupee coins and two annas! I wouldn"t accept a five rupee note!

Ten years ago:
I was still working and nothing much to worry except the tenth std results.

My first thought this morning:
What else? What should I make for breakfast?

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain:
Depends on how big it was and if I was going back or forwards...If backwards nothing much. I think they needed only fruits and fig leaves!

This year
bad .. ....worse .....but I am closer to God.

14 years from now
Why 14 years? Vanvaas?


Hip Grandma said...

did not realize that you were back.You really think that vanavasam is for you and me.high hopes.we can't let go the husband and children and any vanaprasthashram has to be with them accompanying us!!Happy New Year!

AMIT said...

Well post written.

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